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Q: I have a pass-through (larger photo below) between my kitchen and living room/dining room that I'd like to do something with but I'm not quite sure how. Last year we installed granite countertops (uba tuba) and I'd like to tie-in the dining area with the kitchen a bit more by installing a granite surface there. As much as I'd like to do a small bar, it's a small space and I just don't have the room to move the dining table further into the living room to accommodate that.

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The problem is that a 3 ft.-wide chunk of granite might look odd and perhaps be too heavy for the pass-through. I could get three 12-inch granite tiles but since they would have to be cut on one side (the depth of the pass-through is just under 8 inches), I'm not sure what to do about the unfinished edge.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I know the ivory refrigerator doesn't look good but it will soon be replaced with a black refrigerator to match the range, microwave and dishwasher.)

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