Schoolhouse Eclectic: 14 Design Ideas Using Vintage School Supplies in Your Decor

Schoolhouse Eclectic: 14 Design Ideas Using Vintage School Supplies in Your Decor

Amelia Lawrence
Aug 12, 2017
(Image credit: via Wit & Delight)

In case you missed it, school's almost back in session, and I'm feeling all sorts of nostalgia. Whether your school days were spent learning writing and arithmetic, or typing inappropriate words into your Ti-84 graphic calculator (did anyone else do that?), the common denominator of scholastic memories was probably the school supplies involved – gel pens, Crayola crayons, and Lisa Frank binders, to name a few. But those things don't necessarily translate into home decor unless you're Lisa Frank herself, so I'm here to show you a few (older) options that will surely have you jumping on the "schoolhouse eclectic" bandwagon by first semester.

Maps, biology posters, and rulers are all fair game, but schoolhouse eclectic style extends far beyond to the chemistry and horticulture obsessed. Gather some old chemistry vials and beakers as seen above, and display your favorite blooms and branches throughout the year. No need to refinish, they'll fit right in as is.

(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Gallery walls don't have to be all framed and perfectly packaged. Using old (or new) clipboards to display art prints is an affordable alternative and falls right in line with the schoolhouse eclectic look, as shown by Better Homes & Gardens. Plus, you can easily change out your artwork whenever your room needs a refresh. Just measure out the placement of each clipboard, add a nail or pushpin, and hang away.

Carry the school decor into your nursery like the space from Smile & Wave using old alphabet or math cards, clothespins, and twine. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

(Image credit: Design Improvised)

If you can get a hold of an old school desk, cheers to you! Update it with copper spray paint, and a painted pattern on the desktop, like this tutorial from Design Improvised, and you've got the perfect addition to a bedroom or child's after-school work area.

(Image credit: Keep Smiling Home)

If you were wondering if you can paint your appliances, the answer is yes. If you were wondering if you could paint your appliances with chalkboard paint, the answer is also yes. While chalkboard isn't everyone's cup of tea, this project from Keep Smiling Home is well suited for the most committed of schoolhouse eclectic homes. You'll never forget to buy milk ever again...

Expandable rulers are an amazing resource for home decor, whether it be for holding a slew of postcards and photos, or as a retractable lamp arm, like this lamp from Marie Claire. I vote yes to all things expandable ruler!