Teen bedrooms are places where personality always shines through. From decorations that emphasize a particular passion to the sharp focus on comfortable lounging, there are some lessons we can all stand to re-learn from the spaces we've outgrown.

1. Brighten the Bedroom: 10 Easy Ideas
A three-color scheme with the contrast turned way up creates a frenetic energy.
2. Betsy Burnham Teen Style
The cutely-mismatched layers create a very full picture that follows some design rules and then boldly breaks others.
3. Five Lessons From Your Teenage Bedroom
Collections are displayed in imperfect and irregular ways, adding to the individuality of the items.
4. Blogging...The Cherry Blossom Girl
Inspiration is plainly visible during a time in a person's life when character, personality, and style are still being cultivated unashamedly.
5. Online Resources For Dorm Decor
Not your typical blocky birch dorm room, this space is free of tired wood tones and fearlessly mixes bright colors and whites instead.
6. Joa's Quirky Cool Maisonette
A trompe l'oeil headboard, flat cuckoo clock, and red paint that jumps off the walls all playfully distort the borders of the room.
7. Nine Great Things at PBteen - For Adults
Themes are carried through to their most obvious conclusions; repeating ribbon detail and circular geometry motifs govern the look.
8. - 10. PB Teen Bedroom Inspiration
These rooms are very different, but as they are styled by the same team, they feature similar ideas. Three-color schemes, one bedside table, neutral rugs with a hint of something surprising like a border or fun texture, and unexpected lighting details like task lamps and beaded pendants are common elements throughout.