Design Notes: Ina Garten's Kitchen in Rockefeller Center

High summer and this just in. Yesterday, I went to a most relaxing lunch in the busiest part of town: Rockefeller Center. House Beautiful rebuilt Ina Garten's kitchen in the plaza right in front of the ice rink, where the Big Tree usually stands. They'd invited Sara Kate and myself to join a couple of dozen folks to meet Ina and eat from her recipes in this reconstructed version of her kitchen (it will be there all week and is open to the public)....

Design notes? I really liked three things: Ina's kitchen stools, her candlesticks, and the skylight over it all. I've sourced as much as I can right here for you. Enjoy!

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The stools are originally vintage French, but the kitchen designer, Robert Stilin, received so many calls for them, he made reproductions, which were on display and which he now sells. Don't know the price, but these are unique, beautiful and comfortable (we sat on them), while I find most stools are ugly.

>> Robert Stilin

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I'd seen these candlesticks before, but never placed them. Razor thin in places, these bronze objects cut a strong silhouette against the chimney of her fireplace. You barely need to put candles in them. Ina got them from Ted Muehling.

>> Ted Muehling

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The skylight is a not a part of the kitchen design, but it cast such a nice light I thought it ought to be. If I ever had a kitchen with a roof over it, this would be the way to go.

>> House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year post
>> Look! Ina Garten's New Kitchen, from House Beautiful
~ from The Kitchn

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(Kate Kelly (publisher), Stephen Drucker (editor in chief), Robert Stilin & Ina Garten)

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