Design to Dye For: 14 DIY Colorful Textile Home Decor Items to Make

Design to Dye For: 14 DIY Colorful Textile Home Decor Items to Make

Adrienne Breaux
Nov 1, 2014
(Image credit: eHow)

Looking for a way to get your hands wet and your crafts colorful this weekend? You might find interest and style in a project that involves dyeing textiles and other home items for decor. From standard dye to unusual natural items used for color, we've rounded up several projects to choose from. Consider it for home decor for your home or as gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

Pictured above: DIY Shibori tie-dye fabric is turned into lovely throw pillows. Spotted on eHow.

(Image credit: Sugar & Charm)

Naturally Dyed Linens using Berries and Herbs seen on Sugar & Charm.

(Image credit: For the Makers)

Totally not textiles, but these Kool-aid dyed beau hanging planters are pretty darn awesome. Seen on For the Makers.

(Image credit: Adventures in Making)

It doesn't just have to be fabric you get around to dyeing; we love these hand-dyed paper flowers spotted on Adventures in Making.

(Image credit: Endlessly Inspired)

You could make throw pillows from scratch, or you could makeover some old ones you already have with the ideas in this Kool-Aid Fruit Drink Dyed Outdoor Pillow tutorial found on Endlessly Inspired.

(Image credit: Green Wedding Shoes)

Mentioning this ombre dyed tablecloth again because it's just so lovely. Seen on Green Wedding Shoes.