Trend File: Genuine & Sincere

Ambiente 2010

One of my favorite parts of Ambiente (the international design show I attended over the weekend in Frankfurt) was the beautifully put together Trends 2010 exhibit. A small "house" was built to present the ideas, colors, textures and products that the designers behind the exhibit wanted to share to illustrate four distinct trends. First up, "Genuine & Sincere"...

The Concept: The style of "Genuine & Sincere" was presented as being informal, a combination of old and new, in harmony with nature. It's a modern vintage look that is all about simplicity and sincerity.

The Materials: Light wood, bamboo, wool, felt, rough weave cotton and linen. Matt surface porcelain, crochet work, embroidery and hand kitted items.

The Motifs: Engravings, stylized meadow flowers and grasses, ink drawings, tweed effects, hem -stitch work.

The Colors: Shown above, left to right: Pantone 7540, a basic creamy white, Pantone 4655, Pantone 5523, Pantone 7499, Pantone Warm Gray 2

The Ambiente Trends 2010 exhibit (and excellent accompanying lecture) was produced by the bora.herke.stilburo.

  • More info on bora herke can be found right here.
  • More info Ambiente can be found right here.

    Up Tomorrow: Trend File: Present & Everlasting

    (Images: Janel Laban)

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