Custom Kitchen Cabinets from Design Within Reach

Custom Kitchen Cabinets from Design Within Reach

Aaron Able
Dec 9, 2008

Design Within Reach is making the move into customized kitchen cabinets! The collection, by designer Nilus de Matran, includes various storage modules (155 designs!), organizational tools and free-standing islands — and they're priced to hit the sweet spot between IKEA and high-end cabinets from Europe. Most impressive is DWR's claim that the collection is "configurable and portable — you can take it with you when you move"...

Available for sale in early January and delivery in late February, the collection's components are made of medium-density fiberboard covered in walnut or black oak veneer and delivered pre-assembled. Readers in the New York area can check out the DWR Kitchen collection at the DWR Flagship Store in SoHo on Greene Street.

Will be paying close attention to developments and prices! Stay tuned! Via: The New York Times: A Kitchen on a Budget.

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