Design Within Reach Launches DWR 3D Room Planner

Design Within Reach Launches DWR 3D Room Planner

Gregory Han
May 27, 2011

Our friends over at Lifework gave us the heads up about this new free online room planner launched by Design Within Reach in partnership with The room planning system should be recognizable to anyone who has used before, as this version is basically the same, except for the addition of actual DWR furnishings and decorative items to drag and drop into your virtual creation.

There are already hundreds of pre-made rooms to start out with and tweak according to your preferences, or you can start with a blank slate and create a room exactly to your specification (or at least pretty close to it). Afterward, you can save and share your room via Facebook or Tweet it to announce to the world of your home decor skills…and perhaps aspirations for some DWR wares.

Give the DWR 3D Room Planner Beta a try out at Design Within Reach.

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