Design Your Dwelling Competition

Dwell & Google SketchUp

Dwell is hosting a competition based on their tagline asking "What does it mean to feel at home in the modern world?" They'd like to see what your ideal home would look like, and want you to use Google SketchUp to present it. We think the grand prize sounds like a blast...
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...according to the contest info, On September 12, the competition winner will be flown to San Francisco, California to join Dwell editors for lunch at the Dwell offices in San Francisco, tour the "site" of their Dwell home, and take the Dwell/AIA architecture home tours in San Francisco. In addition, a physical 3D model of their winning home will be created and displayed in the Dwell headquarters and then gifted to the winner.

Entries are being accepted through August 31, so check out all the details here and then get cracking on your SketchUp masterpiece.

Images: via the Google SketchUp Architecture Gallery Above: Ben Knowles Below: Chris Allen

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