Designboom Mart at ICFF

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Designboom's Mart at ICFF gets big points for fun and making an impact. Located at the far end of the show floor, it was (literally) wall to wall designers. Packed in next to each other like diners in a Manhattan restaurant at lunchtime, there was something to see, touch, hear about and purchase if you chose to, about every 3 feet or so.

WATdesign was there, selling their New Dutch Flag (above). The do-it-all design studio was started in 2002 by Maarten Baptist and Jan Habraken in the Netherlands and now has an office in Brooklyn as well.

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Samira Boon (Netherlands/Japan) had her ingenious Furoshiki Shiki for sale. These vinyl cardcases, ipod holders and portfolios take advantage of the sticky quality of vinyl, simply wrapping around what you need to hold. They look delicious in person!

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Secco features products that were made by recycling the waste materials of modern life. Computer keys, inner tubes, washing machine drums and more are converted into new products. Dedicated to both good design and closing the material cycle, Secco has a brick and mortar in Helsinki and a online shop.

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