Designing a Warm & Charming TV Area: 3 Ways to Make it Happen

Designing a Warm & Charming TV Area: 3 Ways to Make it Happen

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 28, 2012

Well all know a well-planned, tastefully crafted room is something that can truly make an impression on a space. The dedicated TV/entertaining space, however, requires a bit more finesse since we're mixing tech and decor. Try a few of these artsy elements to warm that space up once and for all...

1) Indirect lighting. Having a light that's off to the side removes the focus from a bright and blaring flat screen TV. Heck, add 2-3 sources if your room warrants it. The idea here is to diffuse as much as possible without overwhelming the space. It's a continuous process of refinement (both placement and bulb types), so be patient!

2) Frame clusters. Some may argue that the 'frame cluster' concept may start to become played out by the end of this year, but art and photos will never go out of style. Thrift stores often carry plenty of un-used frames -- just pick 8-10 of them up and arrange them in a way that complements the lines of the room. We suggest keeping them aligned with nearby windows to complete that seamless look.

3) Pillows. Rugs. Natural stuff. When I used to design office spaces, folks asked what would make their space feel warmer. I'd grab a marker and write 'PRN' in big bold letters on the whiteboard. Of course, most people thought I was crazy, but when I spelled it out -- it was a no brainer. If you want to have that warmer and charming look, where people can feel comfortable getting together, add more pillows, rugs, and plants to create a layering affect that breathes life into a room.

Remember, the key to a charming space curation over time -- not just a one-time facelift. Take the time to find the medium that works with the room and continuously build and re-build. You'll get there eventually.

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