Denim Upholstered Furniture

Inspiration Roundup

While scrolling through our e-mail, we came across an invite for an event from Specific Merchandise. We were curious to discover their product line and found that they had many very unique pieces including the Specific Denim Samantha Chair. Yes, it was love at first sight, but we pondered the idea of how to incorporate denim upholstery furniture in an interior.

When considering upholstery fabric we put denim in the outdated category, until now. The featured photos inspired us to change our perspective on using denim in interior design. The photos exemplify denims versatility for either a more tailored or casual look.

Shown above, left to right:

Do you have any denim upholstered furniture in your home? Would you consider it as an upholstery choice?

(Images: Specific, Moroso, Kiosk)

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