Desk Space for a Little Girl's Room

Desk Space for a Little Girl's Room

Jackie Boucher
Jul 25, 2011

This pile of old frames costing under $50 and an old battered desk for $5, with some serious elbow grease and DIY know-how, become an Anthropologie-inspired desk area for a very lucky 7-year-old. Be sure to click through to see the after shot. We love how it turned out: just girlie enough with a fresh, new red and blue outlook.

Mandi from Vintage Revival is the miracle worker behind her daughter's new desk area. Pay her blog a visit to find out how she made the old desk look new and then old again. Also check out the video here (the second one down) to see her Anthropologie inspiration as well as learn about her methods on aging the mirrors and adding subtle fabric patterns in behind.

(Images: Vintage Revivals)

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