Destination Los Angeles: 10 Video Games Set in the City of Angels

We've been going L.A. All the Way this week, focusing upon inspiring design destinations and resources within the city limits. On the flipside is the Los Angeles portrayed in video games: dark, gritty, steeped in a history of noir, and perhaps realistically, the city's arteries populated by lead-footed drivers. Here are 10 gaming titles to explore...and sometimes destroy...Los Angeles on your PC, console, or handheld gaming devices.

Grand Theft Auto V

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

L.A. Noire

American McGee presents: Bad Day L.A.

True Crime: Streets of LA

Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Midnight Club L.A Complete Edition

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West


(Images/Videos: as linked above)