When my friends and family come to visit me in Los Angeles, we put together an itinerary for their stay. My visitors explore the major tourist attractions first, then I turn them on to my favorite places for shopping, dining, and other attractions. My guests always appreciate experiencing Los Angeles through the perspectives of both a tourist and a resident.

Top Row:

  • Runyun Canyon: Runyun Canyon is the perfect getaway right in the middle of Hollywood. It is a dog friendly hiking trail with a 360 degree view of Los Angeles. You can find me at Runyun Canyon just about every Sunday.
  • Fred Segal: One of my favorite boutique shopping locations. Fred Segal carries clothing lines from both up-and-coming and high end designers. If your trip to Los Angeles is not complete without seeing a celebrity, you are in luck. There is a possibility you may see your favorite star shopping at Fred Segal.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA): I live walking distance from LACMA and all summer long I have the pleasure of hearing LACMA's jazz and latin concerts from my apartment.
  • Angelino Heights: Los Angeles embraces many different architectural styles including the row of historic Victorian homes in Angelino Heights.

Bottom Row:

  • Real Food Daily: I love taking my non-vegetarian friends to Real Food Daily and "forgetting" to tell them that it is a vegan restaurant. They fall in love with the food before they even realize it is vegetarian. I usually order the Tac-o' The Town, which is always delicious. Good food is simply good food.
  • Hollywood Aerial Arts: I first discovered Hollywood Aerial Arts while watching a few reality TV dating shows. I put their flying trapeze class on my "must do" list and finally got up the courage to give it a try. Looking down at the net below me while I gripped the trapeze bar simply scared me to death. After wiping away a few scared tears, I closed my eyes and jumped off the narrow platform and swung through the air. Let's just say it was a very empowering experience and I am now less afraid of heights.
  • Specific: Specific combines my love for great furniture, art, and design into a single store. The owner, Brooks Hudson Thomas, keeps the art and design installations constantly changing.
  • Malibu Beach: One of the major advantages of living in Los Angeles is having access to the ocean. A drive up to Malibu Beach along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is scenic and worth the extra time and milage. Malibu has beautiful, semi-secluded beaches, where you might just find me boogie boarding on a hot summer day. I have not worked up the courage to try surfing yet, so I find comfort in the shallow end with my boogie board.

(Images: Daemons Food, Magnolia Public Relations, Collections and Archives as Creative Practice, Don't Panic! blog, Architecture + Buildings + Public Art - Los Angeles Photo Archive, Inetours)