Det Här Är Inte en Plastpåse: This Is Not a Plastic Bag

Det Här Är Inte en Plastpåse: This Is Not a Plastic Bag

Jonathan B.
Dec 21, 2007

OK, OK. We're getting a bit weary of the whole reusable bag thing, too. (We can see the headline 300 years in the future: archaeologists will unearth a 3 foot deep layer of fashionable, reusable bags with clever mottoes and designs, all discarded for other fashionable, reusable bags; carbon dating will put the disposal date at exactly 2007.)

Despite our weariness of this particular trend, we do carry a bag just about everywhere: they're handy and green. And this one, a Swedish play on the impossibly trendy Anya Hindmarch bag, made us smile.

The bag runs $15 and can be picked up at any of the local businesses listed on the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce website. (Andersonville is a historically Swedish neighborhood in Chicago.) We've poked around a bit and have been unable to find an online source, so you'll have to do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone. (Let us know if you know of an online source and we'll update this post accordingly.) We found ours at urbanest.

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