Determine Your Style

Choose Your Path

When we do housetours, one of the first questions we ask is: What's your style? In the Cure this week, we're learning that it helps to define the look or mood that you're going for to help set the tone for the rest of the journey. Having trouble? Maybe some examples will help:


Abby posted a great tool for determining your style in less than a minute but if you're still stumped, take a look at some of these ideas:


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House Tour: Ben's Midcentury Mecca

Midcentury Elegant

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From Domino's Big Book of Decorating

Modern Woodland

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Lena Corwin's Curated Charm. Check out a roundup of modern woodland that Gregory put together.

Rustic Modern or Modern Farm

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New Trend: Rustic Modern

The Jewelbox

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We called it Nouveau 80's but whatever you call it, it's warm, luxurious and dark.


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Debbie and Olivier's One Window House

Hollywood Regency

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Vanessa's Luxury Hotel Style Bedroom


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Traditional With a Twist from Domino.

If none of these fit your sensibilities, don't despair, there are hundreds of different styles (including the one you create for yourself). Peruse through house tours and pictures that have inspired us.

Let us know where you get your inspiration and what style you're gravitating towards.