Diane Thorp's Window Transparencies at Ouno Design

Artwork for your windows. Diane Thorp's hand-loomed window textiles do not just filter light and add privacy: they are works of art. The woven cotton panels are designed with soft geometric patterns that are modern and ethereal...

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These weavings are hand-loomed on Vancouver Island from natural fibers and are unique works of art as well as functional window coverings. Diane's "transparencies" are designed for hanging in windows as translucent, decorative or privacy screens. They are translucent by day but more opaque by night. They can also function equally well as wall hangings or framed art. Diane Thorp has been weaving for over thirty years. Currently Diane is working on a series of linen transparencies which focus on simplicity and the lure of doors and openings.

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Here's an example of placing a large weaving in the middle of a space as a room divider:

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Each hanging comes complete with an adjustable rod to fit several window sizes. Available from Ouno Design's Etsy shop and Ouno Design.

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