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New York, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
I saw this amazing artwork on Etsy but it was more than I could afford and before I bought it, I dreamed of having it in my apartment and changed the decor based on this dream. The first thing I did was to change the curtains. What a difference it made. Then I bought lampshades from Anthropologie and got some cool stuff from 25th Stree Flea Market. Then two months later I saw the artwork was still available, and wrote an email to the artist and explained why it should be mine and how much I could afford. and she said YES.
Colors used in my room:
Green, gray, blue, brown.
Tips for using color successfully:
I think you should trust your instincts, sometimes what you see in the magazine might not work in your place, or the combination of colors would not create the energy you are looking for in your place. Before making big investments, try to get a sense of feel of the place first otherwise you might have a buyer's remorse the way I did, as I changed my place countless times and continue to do so. What you see in today might not be here tomorrow.. Blame it on th Apartment Therapy community!
Green + Gray