Digit Spice Jars...for Math?

Digit Spice Jars...for Math?

Alejandra Valera
Aug 19, 2009

We recently found these lovely spice jars at Anthropologie and thought they would make an excellent math aid. How great would these little beauties be for help with sorting and counting?

The size is perfect for small hands and can make a beautiful sorting presentation. Pour large colored beads into a bowl and have your child sort them. Ask them, "Can you put four red beads in the jar with the number four? Can you put seven yellow beads in the jar with the number seven?" and so on and so forth. A great exercise that's perfect for 3 to 4-year-olds. Not only does it work their fine motor skills -- if you have them use tweezers to pick the beads from the bowl -- it also teaches them patience, concentration and reinforces numbers.

Put the jars, with the bowl and a set of tweezers on a platter or tray you have an instant activity that happens to be gorgeous, to boot.

The Digit Spice jars are $5 each and available at Anthropologie.

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