Digital Measuring Tape Helps With DIY Projects

Incorrect measurements are always the glitch in our own DIY construction projects. We always "measure twice, cut once," but things can still go horribly wrong. Here's a little extra safety net when you're cutting table legs or hanging pictures...

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From Think Geek, this Digital Measuring Tape has a few handy features to make sure that you're right-on-the-mark before you start making cuts or drilling holes.

It features a large digital display to keep tiny measurements accurate. "Is that line for 3/16ths or 4/16ths?" will never be heard again! Plus, it can memorize your measurements—keeping all your projects even and level, literally.

The tape turns on and off automatically (when the tape is extended from the case or retracted into it, respectively) and even includes a setting for including the length of the case for inside measurements.

The 16-foot tape, which sells for $19.99, measures in feet/inches or metric units.

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