Dim Too-Bright Standby LEDs with Lithographer's tape

We're not fans of standby lights. Sure, they're electricity vampires, but the worst thing is how annoyingly bright they can be when you're trying to get to sleep in pure darkness. Here's a way to drown them out...

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For just a few bucks, grab yourself a roll of translucent red Lithographer's tape and start to dim down the standby lights on your super-bright gadgets.

Unlike covering the LED with opaque black electrical tape, the Lithographer's tape will still let light get through. Only now it will be about half as bright as before and shine a "pleasant deep red."

We bet you crafty people out there could even do a super-professional job at this simple DIY by popping buttons and faceplates on and off to apply the litho tape where it won't even be detected.

Via Lifehacker

(Standby Light Image: Flickr user PhotoGraham under license from Creative Commons.)

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