"Dipped" Chair by Elisa Werbler

Design Showcase 2009

Materials: Poplar, Flock, Lacquer
Price Point: $1,200

"This chair was designed to combine the physicality of material with form in a furniture object. Separated into two parts; the top “handle,” finished in shiny white lacquer, contrasts the soft surface and details of the flocked seat. While the white part is square and sharp, everything that is soft has a generous radius at the connection points to emphasize tactility...."

"Not sure what flocking is? Remember that velvety wallpaper you once touched, or perhaps the fuzzy greeting card your best friend gave you? It's the same, stuff just more of it. And not only do the materials feel great against your body, but sitting in the chair is comfy too! "

Designer: Elisa Werbler
Link: NA
Location: Morganville, NJ


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