Dippy Egg Set

Dippy Egg Set

Jun 20, 2007

It is too hot to cook, which is why we were so happy to find the ingenious Dippy Egg Set. That funny little character with the serious expression (Boiley the Microwave Egg Boiler), is actually a hard working kitchen tool.

Pop an egg inside of him, add water, and he boils eggs in the microwave. Now the kids can make a hot breakfast without ever having to turn on the stove. This set even comes with a fun toast tool.

Press the Perfect Toast Cutter into a piece of bread before you toast it, and it makes toast sticks - perfect for dipping into your egg, and as there are no sharp blades, it is suitable for children to use. The Dippy Egg Set, both egg cooker and toast cutter, is just $14.95.

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