Dippy Pink Rug

Maxwell’s Daily Find 02.23.12

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Dippy Pink Rug

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The Rug Company

More More Color. We're getting on the color bandwagon ourselves and wanted to show off this room and rug from The Rug Company. I'be bought this rug, Dippy pink, multiple times, for client and for myself in various sizes.

While the room is beautiful - especially the bedskirt - the rug underlies it all and flows from a dark, saturated color at the edges to a pale version in the middle. It's sort of like having a lot of color but dialing it down a notch so it doesn't overwhelm.

As with all the rugs at TRC, colors are all interchangeable and you can use this pattern and design your own coloring. For our money, however, we'd stay with this bright reddish/magenta. It's 100 knot and Tibetan wool.

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