Dirt-Free Wheat Grass Will Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Dirt-Free Wheat Grass Will Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 21, 2011

I double plus love the look of plants in the bedroom, but I'm always a little hesitant when it comes to keeping a pot of dirt that close to where we sleep. With pets in the home, things are sure to get grazed on or run the risk of being knocked over — maybe this dirt-free option is a good solution?

This "plant" is really beloved wheatgrass. It grows like crazy and can have all new tall growth after just 5 days from being trimmed. It's a great plant to keep in the house as the trimmings can be thrown into a smoothie or just let your pets nosh on things while you're away at work.

The non-soil that the seeds are sprouted in are expanding growing medium — they hold 300 times their weight in water and deliver water slowly and as-needed to the wheat grass.

The kit contains all you need to start your own and will run you $59 over at the Plantology Etsy store. It looks to be a great option for those who would love a little green on their nightstand but aren't so into the idea of dirt in such close proximities. What do you think? Let us know below!

Image: Plantology on Etsy

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