Discount Furniture Ads Finally Get a Sense of Humor

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Advertising for discount furniture companies hasn't changed much in the past few decades and is typically a variation of what AdWeek describes as "Come on Down!" ads. Low production quality, usually shot on a showroom floor with a Crazy Eddie mentality. American Signature Furniture (or Value City Furniture depending on where you live) has broken the pleather-covered mold with a new series of humorous ads.

A couple debates the pronunciation of "chaise" with an underlying (or maybe not so underlying) hint of disdain for each other:

A couple becomes physically ill at the sight of their old coffee table in comparison to their brand new couch:

Whether the sensibility of their ads matches the sensibility of their customers or attracts new customers I couldn't guess, but I'm enjoying this retailer's efforts to reframe itself in the marketplace with humor.

AdWeek takes a closer look at this new advertising strategy and you can also see more of these ads there.

(Image credits: American Signature Furniture)

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