What's That Song? Discovering New Music from Commercials

What's That Song? Discovering New Music from Commercials

Chris Perez
Feb 29, 2012

I don't know if I'm not hip anymore or if the people who pick the music that goes into commercials are really good at their jobs, but I often find myself in LOVE with a lot of songs featured on those 30 second segments. Read on and we'll show you how you can discover some new music when you least expect it...

...relaxing on the couch and watching some tube.

There's a new kid in town — or at least new to me — when in comes to finding that catchy or inspiring song featured in a particular commercial. Meet findthatsong.net. A site with a fantastic, regularly-updated list of commercials — old and new — with details on the addictive songs that stirred us to look them up.

You can scroll through the posts by date, or search the site by product/brand in the "categories" section. The "popular" and "last viewed" feeds, however, are usually spot-on for our inquiry. Each entry will provide a video of the commercial, the artist name and song title, and thoughtful links to find in iTunes store, or share with your social outlet(s) of choice.

Now you can take your new find to your favorite music service — we're totally hearting Rdio and Spotify these days — and see if you like other tracks or albums by the artist. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite band — I found The Submarines this way and they are now one of my faves.

To whet your appetite, here's some fun songs featured in popular commercials on the tube today...

Chevrolet - Chevy Sonic

Target - Jason Wu

Target - Color Changes Everything

Citibank - Rock Climbing

Next time you wonder "What is that song?" when watching a commercial you'll know where to find it. So check it out, enjoy some tunes, and maybe find a few new bands worth listening to.

Images: Chris Perez

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