Dishwasher Safe Wood Plates From Moneral


The idea of wooden plates isn't a new one, nor is using raw wood slices as serving trays or display pieces. But these pieces kick it up a notch. These bad boys can be used in everyday life, and they can even go in the dishwasher!

I've always loved the look of things served on thick slices of wood. Although I don't think every meal should feel (or look) like it came straight from the forest, there's no denying these plates from Moneral are the bee's knees.

Moneral purchases material close to their workshop to ensure they're keeping everything local from start to finish, and the trees used come from a sustainably certified and managed Finnish forest. Each piece is coated in Monocoat which is a non-tonix, food safe product allowing them to be washed 100+ times in the dishwasher and by hand.

They carry 3 different sizes of dinner plates, 2 sizes of cocktail plates (with holes for your thumb to hole them easier), and 3 different sizes of serving plates. Check out the full line over at products and more pretty pictures at NOTCOT and from the Moneral website, which doesn't yet sell in the US, but you might find a few UK stores willing to ship.

(Image: Moneral)

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