Displaying Books Cover-Side-Out

Displaying Books Cover-Side-Out

Sarah Rainwater
Sep 25, 2009

We're total book junkies here at Apartment Therapy, but it often makes us sad to hide their beautiful covers deep in the shelf while their spines get all the glory.

Many serious book collectors — even cover aficionados — prefer it that way, for the safety of their books and to avoid clutter, but we found a few great examples of displays that put the covers front and center.

If you display your books cover-side-out we highly recommend that you keep them out of direct sunlight and avoid moisture at all costs. Dusting your books regularly will help stave off moisture and mildew and, of course, keep them looking their best.

(Images: 1: Fine Little Day; 2,5: Todd Selby; 3: Pottery Barn; 4: Sarah Rainwater)

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