Displaying Heirloom Crystal in a Modern Home?

Displaying Heirloom Crystal in a Modern Home?

Colleen Quinn
Mar 16, 2010

Q: Is there any way to display heirloom crystal in a cool or modern way (my entire Irish family collects Waterford)? My attempts at display seem either channeling my doting grandmother or flashbacking to my mother's seventies mirrored cabinet look. I do love the glittery, glamorous look of crystal, but I am thinking of selling it all since it lives in a closet taking up too much space…

Sent by Rachel

Editor: Rachel- with a mom who hails from Dublin, I can relate to your problem! First, definitely pull the crystal out of the closet- it was made to be used so use it. I toasted the new millenium with Waterford flutes at a beach picnic- mom was horrified of course, but it made for a great memory for me!

I think the key to avoiding a grandma look is to pick a streamlined modern display cabinet if possible, rather than a more traditional china cabinet. Also consider alternative uses for pieces you may have- I've got mom's sugar pot holding cotton balls on my bureau because I love the look of it, and if I'm ever planning a tea party, I can wash it out and fill it with sugar.

Do any readers have advice displaying heirloom crystal in a modern home?

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