Displaying Vintage Tech with Aged Wood

Displaying Vintage Tech with Aged Wood

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 22, 2011

One particular trend we've noticed in the blogosphere as of late is the increased popularity in the collecting of vintage fans, cameras, and turntables. Seeing as some of the old tech may in fact be better than its newer counterparts, we're all for it. Just make sure you match the old stuff with the proper display materials such as good ol' reclaimed wood.

Above, we have IKEA MARKOR side tables paired with an old farmhouse wooden crate used as a display platform for the vintage goods. Going through the new IKEA Fall catalog, we're starting to see more and more traditional pieces of furniture being added to IKEA's vast collection, so it's going to be quite interesting to see how all of these pieces play a part in pushing for a post-contemporary modern design aesthetic.

Reclaimed wooden shelves also make for a beautiful display idea, especially if you paint the backdrop with chalkboard paint and get creative with how you place all the items. Additionally, we may suggest reclaimed media consoles and bedside tables as the perfect home for your love for vintage tech!

Got a creative vintage display setup to share? We'd love to see it! Link us in the comments or add it to our Unplggd Flickr group!

(Images: Ikea Hackers, Great Vintage Camera Display at Defunct Levi's Workshop)

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