Divorced Men Are Better (Home) Lovers

Divorced Men Are Better (Home) Lovers

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 9, 2012

Not that ANY of you would ever need any help like this, BUT it is a fact that a fast growing segment of the interior design and furniture buying population is made out of... divorced, single men (the first part of this sentence is a joke - of course there are all types of readers in our audience out there and NO ONE wants to get divorced. Sometimes it just comes unwanted in the night). These men have money and standards and don't want to do it all by themselves. They've learned to delegate, and they want to get it done asap.

Enter the skilled interior designer to solve their problems and make their home MUCH more dating friendly . THIS is a good thing.

One of our favorite contributors took the pictures for the New York Times and you can dig into this all you want. Let me know what you think...

Question: the article is about divorced men. What are divorced women, chopped liver??

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(image: Laure Joliet)

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