DIY: 12" Home Subwoofer Parte Uno (Help!)

DIY: 12" Home Subwoofer Parte Uno (Help!)

Sep 19, 2008

Hi! This week we are starting a project that will last a few weeks... and it's sort of a Choose Your Own Adventure TM type thing which involves you, the reader. We really enjoy doing these projects but we have a dilemna: How should we finish this? Should it look like this one from a little while back? Find out what you can do after the jump.

This is going to go in the living room and as you can see, it is not living room ready. We are sure this would be an easier question to answer if you could see what the living room looks like, but we are not interested in the decorative aspect as such. What we want is innovation, and from your suggestions, we will adapt a great concept to the decor- which is modern- after it is decided upon.

A little bit about the sub itself:
You see, we have a desire need for more bass every now and again. This is fine if you have bass controls on your amp, but we don't... we don't want them either. What we want is to be able to flip a switch when needed without adding complexity to the signal path of the rest of the sound. This sub will run off another amp seen below:

This amp has 70 watts which is more than enough to compliment our 8 watt x 2 primary tube amp from S5 Electronics. We will be pumping that through a 12" Sony xplod woofer that we bought like 6 years ago from a company which totally screwed us over after being a customer for 19 years so we won't mention who they are. Crutchfield. It used to be in the Unplggdmobile and was too loud there- out it came. The woofer can handle like a gajillion watts so 70 will be fine as long as we don't turn it up too much.

We won't go into the entire assembly process on this one because it is a box. Sure we reinforced it as you see below:

But other than that it is a 10x15x18" box that yields about the one cubic foot of room that Sony recommends for optimal performance. The amp, bracing, and sub fill out some of the space, which we compensated for.

This thing has tonnes of screws and glue and tightness which make it super dead (desirable). And now we want to bring it to life with some hot exterior that you, the people, come up with. That was great... started with death and then wowed 'em with the inspirational turnaround.

So what do you think? Should we cover it with Lubriderm? Cigars? GOP stickers? Comment below...

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