DIY a Modern Lamp from Trash!

It's trash that only a geek might get their hands on in this amount, but this is a cool DIY project nonetheless. Using the inner packing sheets from a big delivery of motherboards, one Instructables user managed to craft this modern lamp, even including a sophisticated ventilating system to keep the foam sheets from melting.

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Flammable? Probably. But also awesome.

Instructables user NerdoMcDorkus (gotta love the name!) shows us how they made a mood-lighting side table lamp from a lightbulb, outlet cord and several layers of packaging from a recent motherboard delivery.

If you're sitting in the dark next to a pile of recently-unboxed motherboards and thinking, "I have foam packing sheets and need a lamp... I could do this right now!," make sure to check out NerdoMcDorkus' instructions carefully.

They've provided a detailed design for how to make a possibly highly unsafe lamp a more cleverly vented and slightly less unsafe lamp. But still, be smart and keep an eye on it.

Via Instructables

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