An Ingenious Sofa Bed Alternative: Upcycled Foldaway Bed

AO at Home

Alex bought a sofa bed from the Salvation Army ten years ago, and while it had had a good run, it was looking a bit shabby. But there was still plenty of life in the foldaway mechanism, and given its handiness for guests, she was reluctant to throw it out. Her solution, in my opinion, is sheer genius.

Alex dismantled the sofa with "some very satisfying tearing" and isolated the bed mechanism. She then clad the bed with some tongue and groove MDF, and made a hinged lid from plywood. She painted the whole thing white and topped it with a foam pad, covered in inexpensive linen, bolsters, and throw pillows. Now she has a cozy reading nook that can be easily transformed into a guest bed when necessary.

This is a fantastic way to use an outdated or worn piece of furniture, and it's also a great idea for small spaces. For more details, pictures, and sources, visit AO at Home Blog.

(Image credits: Josh Whelan/ AO at Home)