DIY Room Decor: Vintage Fisher Price Art

Gretchen's one-year-old son loves his mid-80s Fisher Price Little People Cottage that she picked up at a thrift store. When she was trying to come up with DIY decorating ideas for his nursery, Gretchen thought he might get a kick out of seeing some of his toys as photographs. She come up with this cute and easy art project:

Gretchen picked up some white foam board to use as a backdrop, set up some of the plastic people, and then snapped a bunch of pictures with her camera and tripod. She picked a couple of her favorites, ordered some 11" x 14" prints online, then placed them in some plain white frames from a craft store. Each photograph wound up costing about $23 each, frame included.

From Gretchen:

I love how they look and that they evoke nostalgia from my own childhood; the baby thinks seeing his toys hanging on his wall is pretty much the best, most hilarious thing ever.

Nice job Gretchen, and many thanks for sharing!

(Image credits: Boxy Colonial)