20+ Ways to Shake Up Your Look in the Bedroom

20+ Ways to Shake Up Your Look in the Bedroom

Nancy Mitchell
Dec 26, 2015
Image from Domino.
(Image credit: Domino)

Bored with your bedroom? Here are 26 suggestions for ways to shake up your look. Some of these are simple ideas, and others are a little more complicated, so no matter your level of commitment, you'll find something here for you. Your bedroom will be looking badass in no time.

1. Paint the walls — or just one wall — in a really bold (but still soothing) color.

(Image credit: The Glitter Guide)

2. Add a colorful coverlet to your bed.

An Austin home from The Everygirl.
(Image credit: The Everygirl)

3. Layer rugs on rugs for an eclectic look.

4. DIY a big, puffy headboard for a super cozy look.

From T Magazine.
(Image credit: T Magazine)

5. Hang an oversized piece of art above your bed.

Spotted on Stil Inspiration.
(Image credit: Stil Inspiration)

6. Or hang a small piece offcenter, for a touch of the unexpected.

7. Or go one further and add a gallery wall behind the bed.

8. Choose traditional nightstands to add a little texture to a modern space.

9. Add an oversized plant.

Image from Lonny.
(Image credit: Lonny)

10. If your bedroom is big enough, pull your bed away from the wall and let it be the center of attention.

11. Paint a smaller piece (like your nightstand) in an eye-popping color.

Emily Henderson's bedroom, spotted on Domino.
(Image credit: Domino)

12. Hang a mobile above your bed, because why should babies have all the fun?

13. Pair two mismatched nightstands for a little contrast.

A bedroom by Amber Interior Design.
(Image credit: Amber Interior Design)

14. Hang a rug (or a funky textile) over the head of your bed.

15. Use one or more low tables as a nightstand...

16. And lean art on top of them.

An Autralian home from Homelife.
(Image credit: Homelife)

17. A simple bulb, with the cord looped a few times around a hook hanging from the wall, makes for a funky bedside light.

From The Selby.
(Image credit: The Selby)

18. Hang a picture ledge over the top of your bed and use it to display a rotating selection of artwork.

(Image credit: House Beautiful)

19. Create an accent wall behind the bed with some funky wallpaper. (This one is 'Genuine Fake Books' by Deborah Bowness.)

(Image credit: Eco Chic)

20. Take the 'rug as headboard' look to a whole new level with an oversized sisal rug. (This one is from Eco Chic.)

Spotted on Alex's Closet.
(Image credit: Alex's Closet)

21. Lean an antique ladder against the wall and cover it with string lights for some unusual atmospheric lighting.

A quirky London house spotted on House to Home.
(Image credit: House to Home)

22. Hang a metal wall sculpture above the bed. (Find one at an antique shop or on Ebay.)

(Image credit: Femina)

23. Wrap a gallery wall around a corner.

From Rue.
(Image credit: Rue Magazine)

24. Hang a curtain behind the head of the bed — it's easier than a canopy, but still gives a soft, classic feel.

25. Hang a mirror on the curtain for a little sparkle.

26. An Otomi quilt will bright up your room on even the darkest of days.

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