DIY Bedroom Project Idea: Extra-Wide Upholstered Headboard

Fabric Paper Glue

I’ve seen lots of upholstered headboard projects over the years, so my eyes often glaze over when they cross my desktop. Not so with this recent one from Mandy at Fabric Paper Glue. There’s something about the vertical tufting — and that green — that really appeals to me. It’s also wider than most headboards, making it more statement piece than furniture.

Mandy used a photo of another custom bed for inspiration and figured out how to create the look she wanted. All told, all the supplies, excluding the tools and paint that she already had, came out to just under $200 — not shabby at all for a custom headboard that fits perfectly under the sloped ceilings in her bedroom.

You can see Mandy's full tutorial over at Fabric Paper Glue!

Nice job Mandy! I am suitably impressed.

(Image credits: Fabric Paper Glue)