DIY Bench: Three Become One

DIY Bench: Three Become One

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 12, 2011

When I spotted this fantastic DIY bench made from 3 side chairs, I couldn't help but feel chagrined that I didn't think of it myself. Who hasn't been at a thrift store and seen a few old dining chairs that deserve a second lease on life? And the color and fabric possibilities are endless.

Kindall, on her blog Kindall's Creations, details how she found 3 second-hand chairs (one for only $2!), painted them, and then joined the seats together to form a bench. The seat is made from 2 king-sized pillows, so you don't even have to be an upholstery expert. Just find 3 chairs (make sure the seats are all the same height), a little paint, some fabric, and you're ready to go.

Full Instructions: Kindall's Creations — Three Becomes One

Images: Kindall's Creations

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