DIY Cat Table from Made From Scratch

DIY Cat Table from Made From Scratch

Stephanie Kinnear
Feb 25, 2010
Jessie at Made from Scratch had some old, weathered wood laying around (sealed so the paint chips won't flake off), and she just decided to throw this table together. Then she decided to add a channel where she could plant some grass and catnip for her cats. And they seem to really, really like it.

Our cats already think we're pretty swell. But if we put together a table like this for them, we can't even imagine how thrilled they would be. This looks like kitty heaven.

Jessie at Made from Scratch seems to keep the coffee table outside, and the cats love to lounge on it out there. We wonder if there would be a way to have a table like this inside (our cats don't go out)?

Via ModernCat

Image: Made From Scratch

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