Get Your DIY On this Fall: Classes in DC

Get Your DIY On this Fall: Classes in DC

Our House Tours are filled with reupholstered furniture, hand-made artwork, refinished cabinets and other DIY projects that look amazingly cool. Some people are innately talented craftsman with an almost preternatural ability to transform any dull space into an inspirational interior. I assume they were born with fabric stripping tools in their hand. Some of us, on the other hand, might need a bit of instruction before we can whittle a club chair out of a tree log.

If you're in the DC area, there are some great classes being offered for the fall that will give you the confidence and skills to pursue your dream DIY project. There are a variety of classes for adults in the Metro Area with a wide range of prices and activities for fall enrichment.

G Street Fabrics
Abundant Living Interiors

Furniture Making
The Woodworkers Club
Virginia Furniture Refinishing

Corcoran Continuing Education
Arlington Parks and Recreation
Smithsonian Resident Associate Program

Please let us know if you have other class suggestions for our DC readers!

Images: Elizabeth Villacorta

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