DIY Clothes Rack for the Toddler Fashionista

DIY Clothes Rack for the Toddler Fashionista

Sarah Dobbins
Feb 5, 2013

Part of the fun of being a kid with a budding fashion sense is picking out your outfit for the day (or the hour!) What's not so fun is when mom has to lift you up to see your options and help you get them down from the closet — so a dressing room style clothing rack is the perfect solution!

Rae from ARMOMMY had this exact dilemma when her daughter Tilly couldn't reach her clothes by herself. She and her husband came up with this clever solution and built it all from just a few simple materials. Now Tilly can plan her wardrobe all by herself! And her little clothing rack even slides on casters, so she can pull it to the mirror to make it even easier to pick the perfect ensemble.

Go see more details and instructions on ARMOMMY.

(Image: ARMOMMY)

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