DIY Cloud Wall Night Light

DIY Cloud Wall Night Light

Beth Callaghan
Sep 5, 2012

One problem I've found with night lights: plugging them into a wall socket near the floor often obscures the light significantly. And many of our wall sockets end up behind furniture. While I haven't developed a solution, this sweet cloud night light idea would do the trick!

Sheharzad Arshad made this cloud installation for his daughter's room. He provides the basic details of his project, and while it isn't a full tutorial, you could relatively easily reproduce it yourself. You could use any motif that fits your child's room, as well: planets, butterflies, flowers, or animals. And since you can locate the light anywhere on the wall, you won't run into the problem of low or obscured outlets.

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(Image: Sheharzad Arshad)

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