DIY Coffee Filter Snowball Wall Light

DIY Coffee Filter Snowball Wall Light

Beth Callaghan
Feb 2, 2012

It's project month on Apartment Therapy, so what better way to start off than a great winter DIY for your kid's room? You might like this snowball light so much, though, that you decide to steal it for yourself.

Monica over at Crafty Nest added her own twist to the spate of coffee filter crafts floating around (brewing up?) the internet lately. With some hardware mesh, 800 coffee filters and about 16 hours of work, she came up with this beautiful wall light. In her tutorial she admits that you can make it with fewer filters and less time, and she gives you all the detailed instructions and photos.

It's definitely a statement piece and probably a seasonal one at that, but we think it could add a fun winter touch to a child's room. Are you game?

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(Image: Crafty Nest)

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