DIY Concrete Floor on the Cheap... and Without the Weight

Design Mom

When design blogger Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom was looking to finish the raw plywood subfloor in her reading loft, she thought of concrete — a sweepable surface that can easily be made cozier with an area rug on top. But she was told the weight of true concrete would be much too heavy for the floating 7x10 space, so she turned to a different material that emulated the look and feel of concrete, but was only 1/8 inch thick! Can you guess what it is?

Gabrielle used Ardex Feather Finish, a cement-based underlayment that's easy to mix and applies with a trowel. In fact, the stuff dried so fast that she could only mix a small bucket at a time. After spreading on six paper-thin layers of the Feather Finish, she painted on a layer of concrete stain, which gave the new floor added depth. If you didn't know any better, you might have thought she poured real concrete up there.

The reading loft is a low-traffic area, so it's not certain how well (or how long) a Feather Finish-based concrete floor would hold up over time. On the upside, it's a cheap (only $30 in materials!) and easy (similar to mixing pancake batter) solution for a DIY floor, especially if you're tackling the project by yourself.

For more pictures and tips from Gabrielle, visit her blog at Design Mom to read about her process.

(Image credits: Gabrielle Blair)