DIY Cord-Curling Shortens Cords and Prevents Tough Wire Tangles

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A coiled cord is wire-wrangling perfection. It stays compact and lean where you want it to, but suprises you with its stretch and range to reach across a room when necessary. If you want to turn existing cords into coiled ones, Make: Projects has easy-to-understand instructions on coiling cords the safe way.

You'll need a few semi-pro tools, like a heat gun and a mutlimeter, to get this project done. But if you know what you're doing (or have a friend who does), being able to coil your own cords around the house is an invaluable tool towards cord control nirvana.

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It all starts with wrapping your cord around a metal tube (called a mandrel) and setting it in place with heat from the heat gun. It's a simple process, sure, but it's easy to make a mistake and damage your cord for good. If you're going to tackle this project, make sure you follow the insturctions at Make: Projects "to a T."

Or Try a Chain Sinnet...
Want a simpler solution for "shortening" long cords? Try a chain sinnet. You don't need any tools (other than your hands) and it's nearly impossible to mess up! Check it out here: Keep Extra Long Cords in Check with a Chain Sinnet

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