The season is flying by so quickly, and I still have hopes of sitting down and making some holiday-themed doodads with my daughter. If we're lucky, maybe she'll make enough that we can give them to some of her friends too. Luckily there are lots of wonderful ideas floating around online to get us inspired.

Some of these crafts are great with kids, and some of them (like the hot glue snowflake!) are best left to the adults. But whatever approach you take, the holidays are a perfect time to let go of your creative hang-ups and just make something to give to others. Happy Holidays everyone!

Pictured above:
1. A Trio of Felt Ornaments, The Purl Bee
2. Tape Star Decoration, Lutter Idyl - in Danish, but the photos are easy to follow.
3. Hot Glue Glittered Ornament, Under the Table and Dreaming
4. BIrd House Ornaments (using toliet paper rolls!), Kifli es Levendula - in Hungarian, but the photos are easy to follow.
5. Paper Christmas Trees,

(images: 1. Purl Bee, 2. Lutter Idyl 3. Under the Table and Dreaming 4. Kifli es Levendula 5.