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An Open Letter to Laure Who Has Mad Crochet Skills.

Dear Laure,

The half way mark between my 30th and 31st birthdays is coming up in a few weeks; and in case you were looking to make me something for it, I would really love this crochet light cover for rice paper pendant lamps. Look how cozy it is, wouldn't be just perfect in (my) bedroom? However, I understand that your crochet skills are in high demand these days, so I'm also willing to barter the following:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
• My last box of Samoas Girl Scout cookies • The autographed photo of Toni Braxton on my fridge that I know you love • A family size box of Honey Bunches of Oats • Marie Antoinette trading cards • Decent seats at the Glee concert at the Universal City Walk (if that doesn't pan out, there is also the Ke$ha concert that I know you want to go to in San Francisco). • A robocat for Hazel to play with

Or...maybe you can just teach me how to crochet, and I can make one myself thanks to the good people at Pickles who have created this how-to and pattern available here.

(Image: Pickles)