DIY Custom "Lucite" Floating Frame

Honey & Fitz

After a lucky score at the thrift store, Dina had a stack of Vera scarves to her name, and she wanted to come up with a simple, beautiful way to display them. But after pricing some custom options, she realized that her $3 finds would cost quite a bit to frame, so she devised a way to create an inexpensive "lucite" frame to showcase her favorites.

The idea came to Dina when she saw a sales associate at Lowe's cutting acrylic sheets. With a bit of ingenuity, she came up with a basic list of supplies for creating a custom "lucite" frame, all of which are readily available at the local hardware store.

The process is fairly simple, and Dina explains each step in detail, making this an easy and affordable way to frame a large piece of art. The aesthetic is clean, simple, and modern, with an elegant touch, thanks to the brass accents. And when the whim strikes, it's easy to change the art inside!

For full details on how to complete the project, as well as some additional photos and tips, visit Honey & Fitz.

(Image credits: Honey & Fitz)